Terms & Conditions

Company Details

MyTruckparking.com has been created and is legally owned by A.I.T Ltd. A.I.T is legally known, managed and owned by Ashford International Truckstop Ltd, Waterbrook Avenue, Ashford, Kent TN24 0GB and is apart of G.S.E Holdings.

Customer Services/Enquiries: accounts@ashfordtruckstop.co.uk T: +44 1233 502 919 F: +44 1233 502933

All Customer data is processed in accordance with the data protection law 1998.

Payment Terms

  • I accept that I have been offered a choice of currencies for payment.
  • I accept the conversion rate amount and that the final selected transaction currency is GBP.
  • I agree to the terms of my credit.
  • Refunds will only be authorised if the cancellation is made 2 hours before the ETA stated on the transaction.
  • I agree that if I do not cancel this reservation two hours before the ETA, the refund will be invalid and I will be liable to pay the full parking charge allocated.
  • I agree to pay the transaction/ booking charge as seen on payment details page.
  • I agree to pay the amount of £1.95 +VAT per booking with effect from the 1st April 2017 - booking fees will not apply before this time.
  • Payments are provided by Elavon Merchants Services, who may hold their own T&Cs please go to their web page and read carefully.
  • A.I.T is responsible for the website transactions. All credit card details are entered on a secure page and they are transferred using SSL.
  • If you do not arrive within 12 hours of the ETA, the booking will become void and we will not refund any payments. To avoid this, cancel the booking within the required cancellation period and re-book stating the correct time of arrival.

Parking Terms

Vehicles are left at the driver's own risk. Cooking with naked flames is strictly prohibited in the parking area. AIT will not be liable for any damage (including without limitation, theft or other loss of a vehicle, damage for loss of business or loss of profit) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of this service centre.

Account Terms

  • Parking accounts are run on a pre-payment basis. Account holders need to maintain a credit balance at all times, otherwise this may lead to suspension of the account facility without prior notice. If the account is not up to date then the reservation service may also be suspended.
  • An Invoice, statement and vehicle log will be sent to you via email on a monthly basis with details of usage. This will include all reservations made and those that have not cancelled their booking two hours prior to their ETA as stated in the T&Cs.
  • You will be charged for the reservation if the cancellation policy is not met.
  • Any bank charges for funds transfer are to be met by the account holder.
  • Any changes relating to parking tariffs will be confirmed with the account holder with prior notice being given.
  • The Ashford International Truckstop is run on a first come first served basis and therefore we are unable to reserve spaces unless prior arrangement has been made through the online service.
  • Drivers will be requested to sign for their parking and by doing so are agreeing to our ‘parking terms & conditions’.
  • Account holders are asked to supply an excel file or update their own account on-line, detailing all vehicles authorised to use the account facility/ reservation service. Vehicles not appearing on the authorised list will be required to pay the appropriate tariff by cash or card payment prior to exiting the park. It is the account holder's responsibility to ensure that authorised vehicle lists are kept up to date.
  • As a UK company we charge V.A.T on all Invoices/ transactions.

Wifi Service Terms

  • A free Wifi service is available to all our customers within the main building.
  • A Premium Wifi service is available within the main park for a fixed price. Please see details at reception.
  • This Premium Wifi can be purchased in three different ways, 1) when reserving a space on our app 'Mytruckparking.com' 2) by clicking on Wifi then selecting 'AIT Premium Wifi' and following the options and 3) at reception.
  • The Premium Wifi will be linked to your registration plate and will switch off either after 72 hours from activation or when leaving site (whichever is first). Note, if you leave site and return in the same day you will need to pay for this service again.
  • The Premium Wifi can be used on two devices only (i.e phone and laptop). You will need to pay for this service again if you wish link up further devices.
  • The Premium Wifi should not be shared with another customer/ driver as this will slow down your wifi speed.
  • The Premium Wifi will allow you to have 2G of usage per transaction, We will not be liable for the speed if you share this amount with others.
  • Our firewall system should block any illegal activity but we cannot always guarantee this, so please be aware of this and take care, as we will not take any responsibility for outside damage caused to your computer i.e computer hacking etc.
  • The Wifi system throughout will be linked to your registration plate which can be seen if you choose to visit illegal web sites such as child pornography, terrorism etc. Any such usage will be reported to the authorities.
  • Please be careful if you are using general pornography websites that you do not click on anything you are unsure of, as this may take you to an illegal website.
  • A receipt/ invoice for the Premium Wifi will be sent to you via email, if you purchase this through our website. This will provide you with a code to link up 2 devices. A copy of the code, if you lose it, can be re-printed at reception during your stay.
  • If you purchase the Premium Wifi before entering site on 'Mytruckparking.com' you will receive a coded receipt on entry.
  • Any refund t&cs for this Premium Wifi are treated the same as reserving a space (as above) when using 'Mytruckparking.com'
  • No refunds will be made once you have logged into the system.
  • Payment terms as above in section 'Payments Terms'
  • We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused through misuse of the system.

Agreement between the 'Company' & the 'Customer'

Please read carefully. Once you have clicked to confirm payment, YOU have agreed to these terms and conditions.